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Annual Report of the Jepasa Secretariat for the year 2014-15

29th January 2015


1. I was appointed secretary of JEPASA from 15th June 2014

Managed to get all necessary information from the outgoing secretary Fr George Anthony who was very kind in explaining to me my job and the upcoming meet and even personally coming to Mumbai

with all the past files. I immediately started the process of introducing myself and getting in contact with all the Province heads.

2. Vadodara Assistancy meet: Fixed details of our Jepasa annual meet for Vadodara, Gujarat from the 23rd – 25th September 2014

Had the Vadodara Assistancy meet.

16 out of the 20 province coordinators were present.

23rd Sept: Seminar on Lay collaboration, Invited all pastors of Gujarat for it

24th Sept: Business session of the Jepasa

25th Sept: A visit to 8 pastoral centers of Gujarat province.

3. We have decided that we have our Province commission meetings once in six months: The meeting will be of a day’s duration. The morning session will be a formation programme which will be open to

all Pastors of the Province and will throw it open to non-Jesuit priest and may be even lay persons. After lunch the Province Pastoral commission will meet for its business session.

4. We have started the planning for the book on ‘Ignatian spirituality for lay persons’ We have asked Hedwig Lewis to help us in this project.

5. We plan to come out with a book which will be a ‘Compilation of all important material on Jesuit Pastoral work’. Fr. Jerry Rosario has agreed to help us in this project.

6. We plan to have Our next JEPASA Province coordinators meet as follows

Place: Nepal (2nd option Ranchi); Dates: Thur, 22nd October to Tue 27th Oct 2015

7. The JEPASA National Convention:

Tentative date: Wed 27th Sept (morning) to Fri, 29th Sept (noon) 2017

Tentative Place: NBCLC, Bangalore, if not Vailankani shrine, Vailankani.

8. Articles in the JIVAN on pastoral ministry: We have got in touch with JIVAN editor with a suggestion that every month or two months we print something on the pastoral works on the

Assistancy in the JIVAN.

o Possible name for the page would be "Pastorally speaking"

o Each province to give in once a year an article of some creative or novel pastoral work.

o The article would be around 500-600 words with a photo or two. or as you think it should be.

o We could also put some relevant document, or article that we get on the pastoral ministry, or cartoon too... etc

We are awaiting the response of JIVAN.

9. I personally plan to visit approximately 10- 12 provinces this year. This will be at the time of the Province Pastoral meet. I will also visit a few of their pastoral works.

10. Suggestions to POSA and our provincials

What do you see as needs for our JEPASA apostolate today in the Assistancy?

a. All Jesuits should have a ‘one year Pastoral year’ immediately after ordination.

b. During formation there should be mandatory courses in :

i. Homiletics,

ii. youth ministry,

iii. counselling,

iv. How to celebrate the sacraments,

v. How to conduct Bible study/sharing groups,

vi. Basic Pastoral management.

vii. Basics in accounts,

viii. Exposure to the social apostolate skills to run in our parishes

c. Scholastics should be assigned to a Jesuit community right through formation so as to get exposure to an apostolate they will most likely be involved in later.

d. Ongoing formation: One or more places in the Assistancy could offer a month’s formation programme which has four 1-week modules, so our Pastors could attend the whole month or

the modules they wish to attend.

e. We encourage our men to attend the one month Retreat director’s course at Prerana, Mount St Joseph, Bangalore.

f. Suggest to your provincial to send one or more for the pastoral courses offered at JDV: see attachments

i. One year Diploma in Pastoral Management or

ii. the two years in Pastoral management

11. Each province to set up: One Model Jesuit parish… (while all should strive to be models)

It was decided that we recommend to the provincials and through the POSA that each Province set up one Model Jesuit parish. Fr Arrupe said that ‘every’ Jesuit parish should be a kind of

model.. but since this is more difficult because of our human resources, we aim to have just one Model parish with the right men allotted for it. It will follow all that is required of an ideal Jesuit

parish as stated in our Jesuit pastoral documents. Two points that I was told to report on in the structure of reporting.

 In connection with Zonal Pastoral works, from our previous experience we have decided not to do anything at present at this level.

Inter ministerial collaboration: This is a very interesting and useful idea but nothing concrete has been worked out.


We do hope with God’s grace we may keep working for His Kingdom


Gerard Conrad Rodricks sj
Secretary of Jepasa