Jesuit Dates to Remember

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August 1, 1569, Edmund Campion, convinced of the errors of the new religion, abandoned the University of Oxford and all his brilliant Prospects.


August 2, 1981: Carlos Perez Alonso, SJ, chaplain at a military hospital in Guatemala.

Disappeared and is presumed to have been killed during a period of repression.

August 6, 1552: Death of Claude, Jay one of the first ten companions.


August 7, 1814: The Restoration of the Society of Jesus. On July 21st, 1773, Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Society of Jesus, with the publication of the Brief, “Dominus ac Redemptor Noster” . After 41 years, Pope Pius VII, restored it to life again, when he issued the Papal Bull, “ Sollicitudo Omnium Ecclesiarum”.


August 9, 1556: After the death of Ignatius, Diego Laynez was empowered to govern the Society as Vicar until the election of another General.


August 10, 1868: The Society was expelled from Mexico and all its property confiscated.


August 15, 1534:  In a hill outside Paris called Mantmartre, seven companions gather at a small chapel dedicated to our Lady, where tradition says St Denys was martyred. There at communion time, during the Mass celebrated by the only priest among them, Pierre Favre, they pronounce the “ Vow of Montmartre,” that is, chastity, poverty (whose full effect would only take place after their studies), to go to Jerusalem if possible.


Aug, 16, 1541: At Rome the death of Fr. Jean Codure, a Savoyard, one of the first 10 companions of St. Ignatius.


August, 18, 1952: Death of Alberto Hurtado, writer, retreat director, trade unionist and founder of “El Hogar de Christo” . a movement to help the homeless in Chile.


August 23, 1558, in the First General Congregation, two questions, proposed by Pope Paul IV were discussed: about the General’s office being triennial, and about the introduction of choir. It was decreed that the Constitutions should remain unchanged.


Aug, 25, 1666: At Beijing, the death of Fr John Adam Schall. By his profound knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, he attained such fame that the Emperor entrusted to him the reform of the Chineses calendar.


August 31, 1523: Inigo lands at Jaffa from Cyprus on his pilgrimage to Jerusalem.


End of August, 1527. After spending the month in a prison in Salamanca, Inigo is closely questioned about his doctrine. He is released, together with his companions, but they are forbidden to teach the difference between mortal sin and venial sin, until they have done four years of study. Inigo protests at the sentence because it is illogical, but promises to observe it.


End of August, 1555: The Province of France was created, with Paschase Broet the first provincial. He was one of the first ten companions.


August-Spetember, 1530: Inigo’s second begging tour of Flanders


August September, 1531: His third trip to Flanders, and he goes on to reach London.