Jesuit Dates to Remember

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June 1, 1527. Ignatius was thrown into the prison after having been accused of having advised two noblewomen to undertake a pilgrimage, on foot, to Compostella.

June 5, 1546. The Second Brief of Pope Paul III “ Exponi Nobis”  Permission given  to the Society to admit spiritual and temporal coadjutors, who could be called to Ordination only 20 were to be admitted to the grade of “Professed”


June 6, 1634:  Martyrdom of Father Sebastian Viera, a Portuguese missionary in Japan.


June 8, 1896: Blessed James Berthieu was martyred on the island of Madagascar, off Africa’s east coast.

June 9, 1597: Blessed Joseph de Anechieta, Brazil’s most famous missionary, and the founder of the cities of Sao Pauto and Rio de Janeiro, died a Reritiba, today called Anchieta.


June 10, 1794: Blessed Joseph Imbert & Blessed John Nicholas Cordier were among the 822 priests and brothers who were destined, during the French Revolution, to be deported from France to Africa. The ships could not sail (the port was blockaded by the British navy), and only 285 survivied the ordeal after the revolution was coming to an end. Those who dies are known as the Martyrs of the Rochefort Prison Ships.

June 10 –24, 1537, Nine of the first companions who were not priests were ordained in Venice. One exception was Salmeron who had not reached the canonical age for ordination, 23 years. June 10 – minor orders, June 15, sub-diaconate, June 17th – diaconate; June 24th, the Feast of St John the Baptist. Of the original seven companions, six were ordained: Ignatius; Simon Rodrigues, Diego Laynez; Bobadilla; Francois Xavier,


June 15, 1638: Venerable Apolinaris de Almeida; Venerable Hyacinth Francheschi; Venerable Francis Rodrigues. Martyrs in Ethiopia.


June 16, 1860: Fr Edward Billoted and 5 companions. Martyrs of Lebanon.


June 17, 1900: Blessed Modeste Andlauer and Blessed Remy Isore. Martyrs during the Boxer Rebellion, China.


June 18, 1679: Blessed Thomas Whitbread and Blessed John Fenwick. Martyrs in England.


June 19, 1679: Blessed William Harcourt; Blessed John Gavan, Blessed Anthony Turner.

Martyrs in England.


June 20, 1626: Blessed Francis Pacheco and 8 companions Martyrs in Japan.

June 21, 1550: The Bull, “Exposcit Debitum” of Pope Julius III, by which he confirms the Society again.


June 21, 1591: St. Aloysius Gonzaga.


June 22, 1573: Blessed Thomas Woodhouse. Martyr in England.


June 23, 1608: St Thomas Garnet. Martyr in England.


June 27, 1549: Ignatius speaks for the first time of founding the Roman College, and to build a new Jesuit church.


June 29, 1577: Venerable Andrew de Oviedo. Missionary in Ethiopia.


June 30,1540: St. Francis Xavier arrived at Lisbon on his way to India.

1829: The opening of the Twenty-First General Congregation, which elected John Roothan as superior general.