JFFSA: 3rd Annual Meeting, 15 Jan 2017

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Jesuit Faculties Forum in South Asia (JFFSA) met for its third annual meeting in Satya Nilayam on 15 January 2017.

The task of JFFSA is


~to advise on and coordinate the functioning of three Facultie​s of Vidyajyoti, Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth & Satya Nilayam​

~to provide further clarity on their orientations, especially to foster a greater sense on the ethos of the South Asian Conference

~to discuss policy matters on the recruitment and transfers of the staff

~to assist the faculties to respond to the challenges of the times

~to explore the possibilities for liason with the Higher Educational Institutions

~to further develop the philosophical and theological studies in keeping with the times and needs.


​In this meeting Academic Audit of the Faculties, Staff Development & Ongoing Formation and Staff Appraisal were discussed in depth.​ The Satya Nilayam community and the local rector and dean offered us a good ambience and hospitality.

Assistancy Delegate for Formation (ADF), South Asia
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