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Keeping Jesus and the charism of the Society of Jesus at the centre of our lives, we the Jesuits of Patna province, strive to accompany the unorganized and unattended youth by orienting them towards an attitudinal change for having Positive outlook in life, so that they are able to face and respond to the challenges of life and become good Citizens and Leaders for a harmonious and ecologically sensitive society.”




To identify and contact our youth who are largely unorganized.

To make them acquire life-coping skills along with career guidance.

To help our youth become aware of present Social realities and Human Rights.

To facilitate the process of Self-discovery and leadership in life.

To co-operate with various ministries i.e., educational, pastoral and social.

To net-work and collaborate with like-minded groups and movements.


The youth in its history, though wounded due to historical reasons, throws a lot of HOPE that our youth could be molded into a formidable force of social change. Patna Jesuit Youth Ministry has conceived both short and Long Term Goals to accompany, animate, and to facilitate a sustained integral development of our youth and to plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God.

This is our HOPE. This HOPE is our strength.



To organize the unorganized youth to come to the main stream of life.

To co-operate with the NGOs and the like minded groups for the overall development of the unorganized youth.

To lend support to the organized youth movements.


We believe that these following short term goals will augment youth ministry in our efforts to accompany, to animate, and to facilitate a sustained integral development of our youth in Bihar.



To coordinate both organized and the unorganized youth in our area.

To Provide Career guidance, life-orientation as well as Life–coping skills for our youth

To Work with Migrated youth and help them to understand the ground realities and find ways and means to cope with their life and its demands.

To offer Intensive training to our Youth Animators to be more effective and skilled in dealing with the youth.

Faith formation programmes for organized Christin youth and Students namely YCS / AICUF.

Net working with other NGO’s and Religious groups already engaged in this ministry.



Youth Commission of Patna Jesuit Province conducted various Programs for the integrated development of our youth, focusing and centering on our Catholic faith in order to equip them with better means, to face the fast changing world. Our overall assessment is that our youth found these programs quite helpful and more need to be done.

We hope to expand our youth ministry during 2017.




During the year 2016, we conducted the following programs for our youth drawn from our schools and colleges:

1. On 21st Feb Sunday Fr. Andrew contacted one day recollection for Chakaram Parish youth around 24 boys and girls participated in it. Fr. Andrew focused on our catholic faith and responsibility as disciples of Jesus in our modern world through his talks.


2. There was a two day youth animation program in Sasaram Parish in October. Frs.Virendra and Andrew James animated the youth in their Spiritual quest as part of their preparation for the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the parish. A total of 70 boys and girls, with much enthusiasm and earnestness, participated in this program.


3. A three day program focusing on life orientation was conducted in Barbigha in the month of November for the 10th standard students of our school at Barbigha. More than 240 students participated in it, this program was given by Frs. Andrew James and Ozzie to enable them to face and respond to the challenges of life and become good Citizens and Leaders for our society.


4. A one day recollection cum prayer was organized (In the month of November) for 40 Christian youth at Muzafarpur and Kanauli parishes,. Frs. Andrew James and Albert Abraham gave the recollection.












JYM Patna, organized the following programs for our youth in collaboration with the Youth Commission of Patna Archdiocese during 2016. The diocesan director of youth ministry, Fr. Asit Lakra assisted Fr. Andrew James to conduct the following programs.

A one day training program for the Animators of Y.C.S / L.T.S. was organized on 9th April 2016. A total of 10 schools sent their Animators to participate in this training program.


A one day training program for our unorganized youth was conducted at Gandharmatt on 7th July. Fr. Asit gratefully acknowledged the wholehearted collaboration of PJYM.


A one day orientation program for the Y.C.S./ L.T. S unit of St. Michael High School, Patna was successfully organized on 7th September.



A one day orientation program for the members of L.T.S. was conducted at Barbihga on 5th Dec.  There were about 100 students from STDs 7th and 8th participated in the program. Frs. Andrew James SJ and Fr. Asit Lakra teamed up to animate the students.


A one day orientation program for the L.T.S. unit of St. Joseph School, Roh on 9th Dec. We had about 80 students from STDs 7and 8 attended this program. Frs. Andrew James S.J. and Asit Lakra led the students to discover the new dimension of life as members of L.T.S.



A glistering Christmas gathering for YCS / LTS units of Patna Schools was organized by Patna unit of AICUF on 18th Dec 2016 in collaboration with the diocesan youth commission,

Youth Commission of Patna Archdiocese animates the Bihar state unit of AICUF. Jesuit Youth Ministry of Patna supports the Archdiocese in all their programs for AICUF. AICUF unit of Patna organized the following programs during the year 2016.



A convention with the Theme “Better Me – Better Tomorrow “for AICUFers hailing from our village and city college units was organized on 24th to 27th June. A selected group of 80 AICUFers attended this convention. V G of Patna lit the lamp.


Most Rev. William D’Souza S.J. was the chief-guest and encouraged the AICUFers with his words of wisdom and blessings.



The Principal of Patna Women’s College and the Rector of St Xavier’s College graced concluding ceremony of this three day camp.


A pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Bandel in West Bengal was organized for AICUFers. In collaboration with the Archdiocesan youth commission on 10th & 11th of September. A total of 60 AICUFers participated in the Pilgrimage. Fr. Andrew SJ, accompanied them during the pilgrimage.






To Train The Unorganized Youth In Trades Which Are Market Driven And to Increase their Employability through capacity Enhancement With A Mission To Develop Skills Leading To Employment Of The Unorganized Youth Who Transform The Society Into A More Just, Humane And Self-reliant Society.


Fr. Lisbert S. J., General Assistant, Visits Asha Deep

​We were privileged this year (2016) to have Fr. Lisbert D’Souza S.J. our General Assistant with us. He was gracious to be our Chief-Guest and blessed us as we begun our new batch 2nd February 2016. Fr. Lisbert exhorted them “You must be disciplined in life and work hard to become successful in life building a good life for you and can also help in the societal and economic transformation. Longest journey always starts with the shortest step. Have a goal for your life. That small step is Asha Deep and it will help you to achieve it.”


Asha Deep offers the following trades to equip our youth with skills for their employment




A Word From The Chairman………………

I am very thankful to our commission members, Frs. Ozzie Saldanha, Gus Kisku, Rajan Lakra, Albert Abraham and Manish Osta for their wholehearted assistance in our endeavors. I am also very grateful to Fr. Provincial and the province for the support and encouragement received. We are planning programs covering the entire Bihar with the collaboration of like-minded NGOs and Religious. With much hope and enthusiasm we are exploring various avenues to achieve our goals in 2017. We are also hopeful of dedicated lay people joining us in this ministry.

~Andrew James, SJ