The Major Superiors of the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) met at Kozhikade, Kerala, on 18-24 February 2024. The agenda for the meeting included sessions on re-imagining the Society in the region and implementing the new Instruction for Administration and Finances. The meeting was headed by Fr. Stany D’Souza, President, JCSA, along with the General Assistants Fr. Vernon D’Cunha and MK George.

Fr. Stany shared that “the goal of the reimagining is not only to make our ministries more efficient and effective but also transformative. Most of the Major Superiors stressed the importance of spiritual and intellectual depth to make our life-mission fruitful. The idea is that we need to be discerning people, perceptive, so as to read the signs of the times. Thanks to the constant and consistent efforts over the years, the JCSA is slowly growing as a community of discernment. Since we discern together, we have become co-responsible, and hence, we are slowly emerging as a platform for collaboration and networking.’

One full day was dedicated to Fr. Sebastian Jeerakassery, the General Treasurer, explaining to the group the Statutes on Poverty (SOP) and Instruction on Administration and Finance (IAF). Another day was spent on sharing by the Secretariats.  The different secretaries of the Conference before sharing their report with the Major Superiors had a meeting with the coordinators of the forums and networks under them. Collaboration with others in mission was a recurring theme in the presentations of most of the Secretaries of the Conference Secretariats.

The whole programme was well arranged to give the Major Superiors sufficient time for serious deliberation and relaxed interaction. The hospitality of the Kerala Jesuit Province was gracious and exceptional.