Dumka-Raiganj Jesuits’ Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected the whole world and the worst sufferers are the poor daily wage earners, migrants, those who depend on daily earnings from selling vegetables and other items, small and very small shop owners, village market vendors and rural folk. Government does what it thinks is the best for the country and we on our part have been active helping the suffering masses and collaborating with the government agencies for alleviating the sufferings of the voiceless. We have offered help and our availability to the district Magistrates of Dumka, Pakur and Sahibganj, distributed masks through the government and non governmental agencies, supplied food items to several families and also contributed to Prime Minister Cares fund the Chief Ministers’ fund for helping the affected people. But the real challenge awaits us once the migrants return to their homes. We have to be ready to offer our helping hand if need arises. We pray that people may return safely and there may not be any serious problem after their return. At the same time we also remain alert and ready to offer any help if need arises. Let us continue to pray for the whole world and extend our helping hand to those who are in great need at this hour.
  1. Food materials such as rice, pulses, potatoes, oil, sugar, tea and soaps were distributed to 1674 poor families.
  2. Distributed 23000 masks (20000 purchased, 3000 handmade by the Staff at St Xavier’s, Sahibganj, and SonaSantalSamaj Samiti at Kodma) in Dumka, Pakur and Sahibganj Districts. We also distributed 200 sanitizers.
  3. At Bhognadih, a group of Hindu shopkeepers, neighbouring Muslims, local Adiwasis, Ursuline Sisters and Tribal Cultural Centre administration and staff formed a group and help out the neediest Santal and Paharia villagers.
  4. Xavier Communication Centre, Dumka, made a 3-minute video on Care of the Migrant Workers and given to DPO, Dumka.
  5. COVID-19 awareness flexes and pamphlets are made in Santali and Hindi and distributed in Dumka, Satia and Kodma.
  6. Kodma conducted a survey in 22 Panchayats in Sahibganj District and submitted a list of 2926 persons who do not have ration cards to the Chief Minister to look into the matter and to do the needful. Besides, the Samiti animators went around in Borio and Barhait blocks of Sahibganj District making announcements with the help of loudspeakers and microphones describing the danger of COVID-19 and what precautionary measures need to be taken.
  7. Satia conducted a survey and awareness program about Corona and preventives in 50 villages.
  8. St Xavier’s Jirulia in Dumka District is used a quarantine centre.
  9. We contributed Rs 160000/- to Chief Minister’s relief fund.
  10. We contributed Rs 100000/- to Prime Minister Cares fund
The real challenge awaits us once the migrants return to their homes. We have to be ready to offer our helping hand if need arises.