Inclusive Development

Secretariat for Inclusive Development (CSID)

The Conference Secretariat for Inclusive Development (CSID) is an enabling unit and a service unit, serving and assisting the different units of the JCSA and the Development Offices of the individual Provinces/Regions in their various needs. In this task, it gives special importance to supporting and promoting the projects and programmes of the thematic pillars identified by the JCSA. Further, it assists the JCSA and the individual Provinces/Regions in the following areas: a) in their fundraising efforts for the formation of the young Jesuits and to take care of the sick and the elderly; b) in branding the Jesuit projects, programmes and activities at different levels, through an effective and professional use of the social media and other technologies; c) in the building up of strong networks between the Jesuits and other like-minded groups and organizations towards the realization of sustainable development goals (SDGs); d) in offfering training and other learning processes to the Jesuits and their collaborators in the techniques of a professional approach to administration, at all levels, particularly financial administration and management; e) in the integration of the spiritual approach to governance with the corporate principles of efficient management and accountability, without compromising in any way the cherished values and principles of the Society of Jeuss.


Sebasti L. Raj (CEN)

Secretary, Inclusive Development &

Coordinator of PDDs

Indian Social Institute, 10 Institutional Area,

Lodhi Road New Delhi 110003