JAM MAG+S -2024: “Embrace Mag+s – Ignite the Fire Within”

JAM MAG+S 2024, with its theme “Embrace Mag+s – Ignite the Fire Within,” was held at XIM University, Bhubaneswar, on 26-30 May 2024. It was organized by the Jamshedpur Province Youth Commission under the leadership of Fr. Niranjan Minj, SJ, JYMSA Coordinator. JAM MAG+S 2024 was designed to provide a holistic experience for participants, combining spiritual exercises, intellectual discussions, and community-building activities. The main activities included Morning Meditation, Holy Eucharist, Ignatian Immersion, Examen, and Mag+s Circle. Each day was structured to offer a balance of reflection, learning, and interaction, fostering a deep sense of community and spiritual awakening.

The diverse activities and insightful sessions left a lasting impact on the 236 pilgrims from all over the province region, inspiring them to embrace the Mag+s spirit in their lives and contribute positively to their communities. These pilgrims participated in various enriching activities designed to foster spiritual growth, leadership skills, and a deeper understanding of contemporary issues through the lens of faith. The event concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and a collective commitment to fostering a hope-filled future.

The event featured several esteemed speakers who shared their insights on various topics: Fr. Tony Uvari, SJ, Vice Chancellor of XIM University, warmly welcomed the participants, setting a positive and inclusive tone for the event. He emphasized the importance of community, collaboration, and the transformative power of gatherings like JAM MAG+S. Fr. Jerry Cutinha, SJ, Provincial of Jamshedpur Province, in his keynote address, focused on the theme of leadership, drawing inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus. He discussed how embracing the principles of servant leadership can create a hopeful and impactful future. Most Rev. Archbishop John Barwa, SVD  while speaking on the theme “Leadership of Jesus and Creating a Hope-Filled Future” highlighted the leadership qualities of Jesus, emphasizing humility, compassion, and service. He encouraged pilgrims to embody these qualities to build a future filled with hope and positive change. Fr. Alwyn Rodrigues, SJ, a doctoral candidate at XIM University, addressed the complex relationship between “Social Media and Youth Today”. He discussed both the opportunities and challenges that social media presents, urging responsible and mindful engagement. Fr. Bipin Kujur, SJ, a professor at XIM University, spoke on the importance of  “Sustainable Leadership for Tomorrow”. He outlined strategies for balancing economic success with social equity and environmental stewardship, advocating for ethical governance and long-term thinking. Fr. Jerome Sequeira, SJ, the Director of the Human Life Centre in Bhubaneswar, explored the intersection of “Artificial Intelligence and a Hope-Filled Future”. He discussed the potential of AI to create a hopeful future while highlighting the importance of ethical considerations and human dignity.