Secretariat for Higher Education (CSHE)

Founded in 2008 and approved by the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA), the Conference Secretariat for Higher Education (CSHE), so far called Jesuit Higher Education Association South Asia (JHEASA), contributes to all the higher education institutions, research institutes in the Provinces/Regions and ecclesiastical institutes in the Conference by accompanying and assisting them in their mission of reconciliation and justice. It helps build avenues of discernment, networking and collaboration among and between the institutions by listening to key stakeholders, leading to a significant impact on the intellectual apostolate of the Society. It makes strategic interventions on issues of higher education in South Asia and beyond from the perspectives of the Society’s decrees and policies and represents effectively in the national and international forums to advance its mission.

Joe Arun C. SJ (CEN)

Secretary, Higher Education (JHEASA)

Mob: +91 9600116035

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