Conference Commission for Formation (CCF)
The Conference Commission for Formation (CCF) was established by the Jesuit Conference in 1978 as a structure for the implementation of its programme of Inculturation in Jesuit formation in South Asia. The Commission meets once a year. Its specific role is to animate the follow-up of the Inculturation Commission’s recommendations and the Recommendations of the JCSA on the Report of the Formation Review Commission, to see to the implementation of the Norms and Guidelines of Jesuit Formation in South-Asia (1998), to propose and evaluate programmes of formation in the Assistancy, to coordinate regional and national programmes of formation and circulate relevant data and information in the field of training (Incult. Report p. 177, 8.06 and 8.07.)

Somy Mathew Mannoor (JAM)
Secretary, Integral Formation (CSIF) since 26 August 2023
225 Jor Bagh,New Delhi 110003
Mob: 8805498365
Ph: (011) 24642862