Secretariat for Jesuit Pastors of South Asia (JEPASA)
JEPASA came into existence with the first Assistancy-wide consultation of provincial/regional coordinators of the pastoral apostolate in 1989. Reflecting together on the current thrust, problems, and possibilities of the Jesuit pastoral ministry, they articulated in a statement a common goal and vision: “To build up an integrated, fully alive, inter-faith human community, in order to actualize the reign of God. This service would generally start with the local Christian community and eventually, in and through that community, reach out to the larger community.” In 1989 the JCSA granted JEPASA official recognition. Strengthened by Decree 19 of GC-34 on parish ministry, the JEPASA had a convention in 1997 with Fr General and decided to move on with more creativity.

Fr. Arun Kumar (KAR)
Secretary, JEPASA
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Bannerghatta Road
Bengaluru 560 076,
Cell: 9972137656