Conference Secretariat for Service of Faith (CSSF)
The Formulas of the Institute by both Pope Paul III (1540) and Julius III (1550) recognize that the Society of Jesus was founded “for the defence and propagation of the faith, and for the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine, by means of public preaching, lectures, and any other ministrations . . . . and administering the other sacraments.” The GCs 32 and 34 underscored the importance of the service of faith by including it in their formulation of the mission of the Society along with other contemporary needs of the world like justice, culture and dialogue. The CSSF, which includes four former commissions JEPASA (1989), JIGSA (2009), JSD (1994) and PWPN (2016), was approved by the JCSA in October 2019 in Ranchi. It endeavours to strengthen, support and coordinate the above ministries through meetings, resources, manuals and media so that they may serve the mission of the Society efficiently and effectively.

Arun Kumar SJ (KAR)
Secretary, Service of Faith
De Nobili College
Pune – 411 014,
Cell: 9972137656