St. Xavier’s Vocational Institute (XVI), Nevta

St. Xavier’s Vocational Institute, Nevta was started in 2017 and was commenced by Vincent, SJ the present Director and Administrator of the Nevta Campus. These trainings in the institute are largely targeting the nearby villages of the Nevta campus, to encourage employment opportunities to the unemployed youth and mainstreams school drop-outs of the surrounding villages. The upliftment of women is a major focus area of these trainings and offer them a restart phase of their career leading to a better income and employment opportunity. The institute emphasises towards skill-based trainings and envisions to mark a change in the lives of those who want to learn, to be educated and carve themselves for a life they want to live for themselves and their families.

The institute provisions skilling and vocational trainings one of the foremost areas of Jesuit Conference of India namely Jesuitec. XVI is NIOS- Delhi (National institute of Open Schooling, GOI) accredited vocational institute an is also locally affiliated to RMOL (Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood, Govt. of Rajasthan).    

Currently, the institute supports two trainings namely beauty culture and cutting and tailoring.  Apart from this on the completion of these trainings the institute provides trainees with kits and sewing machines in order to facilitate and persuade them towards employment and self- start-ups. The institute has successfully trained its two batches for the duration of 6 months each and is currently assisting the new admissions for 2019 in the on-going batches. The first batch consisted of 43 trainees and this year the number is of 52.

Balwadi’s – Outreach Programme of St. Xavier’s School

The Xavier’s Campus at Nevta is running an outreach programme in the form of Balwadi’s from 2017, for the children between the age-group of 3 to 5 years for the period of two years, the programme mainstreams the children of nearby villages and the under-privileged sections such as the children of construction site parents. The programme revolves around basic level education for these after the completion of age five then they are  ready to cope with the formal education system. The programme has positively impacted up to twenty-five children in a time span of two years, and the further objective is to enrol them in, the formal education system starting from the first class.

The team from the Assistancy Development Office- JCI, visited the Xavier’s Vocational Institute & School, Nevta on 9th August 2019 with the aim to augment the prominence and documentation of both the programmes beholden by the institution. The excellent factor of the visit was to interact with the female trainees who were married and initially they were facing challenges due to the patriarchal system but they fought for their freedom and the rights. The members during the visit, witnessed how hundreds of trainees benefit and are carving their lives selflessly with the assistance from the institute.