Conference Communications Delegates’ Annual Meeting was held at Jesuit General Curia in Rome from 24 to 27 June 2024. A representative from each of the six conferences along with the Jesuit Curia Communications were actively involved in the discernment process of `Communication for a Renewed Jesuit Mission.’ Keeping the Universal Apostolic Planning (UAP) and Reimagining-Restructuring Jesuit Ministries,  the participants were given an ample opportunity to discuss and plan on the following topics: Safeguarding, Vocation Promotion, Jubilee 2025, Father General’s visits to Provinces/Regions, Youth-MAGIS Futures, Media Training, Contribution to Jesuit Media and the Jesuit Archives.

On the last day of the Conference Communications Delegates meeting, Fr. General Arturo Sosa addressed the group saying `the greatest mission of Communications in the Society of Jesus is to bring HOPE to people who have lost it.’

Conference Communications Delegates:

Anastasia Makuna (JCAM) Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagacar

Eric Clatton (JCCU) Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States

Ria Limjap (JCAP) Jesut Conference of Asia Pacific

Hernan Quezada SJ (CPAL) Jesuit Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean

Rafael Silva (JCEP) Jesuit Conference of Europe

Antony Raj Vernard SJ (JCSA) Jesuit Conference of South Asia

Curia Communications Team:

Robert Ballecer SJ, Pierre Belanger SJ, John Dardis SJ, Vivian Richard SJ, Stefano Maero, Benedict Mayaki, Mikel Munoz, Cathrina Talloru, Chuks Afiawari SJ and Mikolaj Cempla

(Reported by Vernard Antony, SJ, JCSA Delegate)