The Jesuit educators (JEA) from across India had a very fruitful session the various aspects of the NEP 2020. The highlight of yesterday’s meeting was to discuss the collated response from many Jesuit schools from across the country. Fr. Norbert made an elaborate presentation on the data that was sent to him. This section focused on teachers’ familiarity with NEP 2020, self-
assessment related to benchmarks of teaching-learning process, programs to address the gaps. The second half of the meeting was focused on the various deliberate omissions in NEP 2020. This section deals with areas we need to focus in our formal and informal curricular against the subtle agenda in the policy. The presentation was done by Fr. John Ravi.
These deliberate omissions include:

a. The “idea of India” and Indianness
b. Fundamental Rights
c. Constitutional Values (Secular, Socialist)
d. Social Discrimination (Caste) root cause of Economic disparities
e. Study Religious Traditions and Bhakti Movements
f. Mainstream Education for the Disadvantaged – Not non-formal, NIOS
g. Religious Diversity and Social Integration (Preamble Secular, Socialist)
h. Digital Divide – How do we reach out to the vulnerable groups
i. Vocational Education
j. Critical Thinking
k. Other suggestions

The last segment of the meeting was given to share and discuss best practices that are being carried out regarding generating awareness and Networking with like-minded groups across the country. Fr. Anand, Fr. John Kennedy share their work in their respective provinces. Commendable work is being done in the Madurai and Chennai provinces with regards to networking and generating awareness for staff, students, parents and people of good will. The other Jesuits realized the need to network with all people willing to join hands with us to save our Democracy for the future generations. The Jesuit educators then resolved to come up with a statement very soon that would be the official voice of all catholic institutions across the country. Out going POSA, Fr. George Pattery SJ, and JEA Secretary were part of this 2 hours of Consultation on NEP 2020 and presented their views and suggestions too.

By Ananad D Souza SJ (PCE, GOA)