Our toiling masses weighed down, even forced to leave

Their familiar fields and their homes and hearths

Like the Farmers, both women and men

Who occupy the tortuous roads near the site of mighty state power

They are there months on end, waiting – for elusive Justice!

With one voice they demand the repeal of the draconian Laws

Espousing non-violence, and Persuasion and Peace as their weapons

Sharing Langar (bread) with any stranger, friend or even a foe

They signal a new Dawn of resilient and undying Hope

In the midst of scarcity, uncertainty and hostility

Celebrating their Fellowship and the Common Struggle

Practicing Constitutional Values of Equality and Fraternity

And there are those who continue to languish in jail

The Defenders of the rights of People and their Planet

They too demand the repeal of unjust Laws

That muzzle dissent and sever the hands that serve poor

They herald a new Dawn from the cells of their prison

Many who try to fathom the reasons for their shackles

Feel unshackled and dare to fight on and live another day

Joining hands with all women and men of Goodwill

The powers-that-be, the crucifiers, are shaken to the core

When the crucified – the Dishas and Gretas, the Stans and the Sudhas

Issue the clarion call to Save:

Our fragile Democracy, wounded Planet and our beleaguered Republic

The Roads the Farmers occupy are Ablaze!

With a ‘Fire that kindles other fires’

The walls of the Prison cannot silence the Revolutionary Voices

Nor subdue their indomitable Spirit

Death is not the end of Life

Nor momentary Darkness the end of Light

The Grain of Wheat must fall down and Die

To bring forth Life and an abundant Harvest of Hope!

Anthony Dias SJ/Holy Week 2021

SJES, SAsia/New Delhi