5th August 2019, New Delhi: The field visit to V-care was made to document the functioning of the Centre, to communicate with the authorities, teachers & students. The institute is currently working on two major areas of Jesuit Conference of India namely Jesuitec and SANKALP. Apart from this, the institute also assists and supports Self Help Groups in the remote areas of Jahangirpuri, Bhalswa and Burari areas of North Delhi.

The institute has been offering education and technical skills to those who are neglected or not capable enough to acquire education because of financial challenges. It offers a blend of learning, mirthful and enduring principles to the marginalized sections of the society.

The institute supports Self-Help Groups running in the nearby communities, women under these groups contribute Rs. 200 every month to support group members at the time of need. V-Care is providing complete sustenance to approx. 50 SHG’s, every group has a leader & a person who manages & look after the account. V-Care assists these groups organizing regular meetings, with financial help and motivating them towards the reinforcing of team work & togetherness.

Under Jesuitec, V-Care supports total 6 trades namely: Tailoring & Stitching, Mehndi, Typing, Computer Skills, Beauty Culture and spoken English. Currently, approx. 200 students are benefitting from the centre, mainly the school drop-outs belonging from the marginalized communities of Jhangirpuri and nearby areas. The Institute objectifies to impart the youth with employability skills, by encouraging them towards the job market or self-start-ups.

SANKALP, the supplementary or non-formal education programme of the institute is currently benefitting over 250 children from classes 1st to 5th of the under-privileged sections of the society . The classes under this programme are organised two times in day and the children were oriented towards better learnings after & before their school timings. Apart from this institute conducts, Balwadi’s as a pre-schooling initiative for the children of the age-group between 1 to 4 years, hence enriching and introducing them to basic knowledge required during schooling.

The ADO members during the visit witnessed how hundreds of students are getting benefits and are carving their lives selflessly with the assistance of the Centre.