Developing self-knowledge and personal discernment practice.

Program participants will develop an ever-deepening understanding for their values, motivations, talents and gifts, experiences, and world-view.

Program Components:

  • Practicing the Examen and other forms of Ignatian prayer & reflection.
  • Clarifying core values
  • Understanding personal discernment methods
  • Learning the four wheels of listening
  • Obtaining and using emotional intelligence 360 feedback.
  • Recognizing power stress and engaging in personal renewal cycle

Communal Awareness & Discernment

Developing communal awareness and discernment practices.

Program participants will learn and practice a process of Ignatian decision- making with groups.

Program Components:

  • Developing a team agreement
  • Recognizing stages of group development
  • Understanding elements of communal pondering, communal awareness and communal discernment
  • Participating in coaching circles
  • Deepening empathy through four levels of listening

Personal Training

Pursuing the magis and one’s calling

Program participants will engage in the world as a way to manifest their core values and purpose through their behaviors.

Program Components:

  • Deepening personal discernment practice methods
  • Exploring personal vocation
  • Learning about the first principle and foundation
  • Understanding various influencing styles

Enacting Love

Enacted honest love of others in pursuing the magis.

Program participants will understand the intrapersonal and interpersonal phenomenon of leadership

Program Components:

  • Navigating conflict for healthy outcomes
  • Coaching, mentoring and developing others
  • Providing feedback
  • Setting goals
  • Inspiring teamwork
  • Aligning others in mission

Key Elements Of Ignatian Leadership Program:

  1. Rooted in Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm and Ignatian Spirituality
  2. Explores the life and leadership of St. Ignatius of Loyola and other leaders
  3. Linked to the spiritual exercises and spiritual direction
  4. Grounded in center for creating leadership’s model of leadership development
  5. Supported by mentoring and coaching via a personal leadership development plan from 360 data through the Emotional Social Competency Inventory