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Grace: To experience that I am a sinner in need of forgiveness

We are faced with the worst ever global crisis in our life time. The COVID-19 has so far affected 199 countries. The rapid spread of the virus has left humankind feeling powerless in the face of its onslaught. This explosion of the virus of death makes us realise that we are not the Masters of life. We humans have forgotten that we are interconnected and interdependent. Assuming we are the lords of creation, we subjugated the earth, plundered nature and exploited our fellow human beings. We fought in the name of religion, caste, colour and ethnicity. Today, this public health crisis has exposed the deep fissures in our relationships with the Almighty, fellow humans and the earth.
There are also viruses of death within us: selfishness, hatred, corruption, exploitation, violence, prejudice and discrimination. This virus of death has disconnected us from our Lifeline as a result there is lockdown and isolation within. At this juncture, it is important for us to introspect, recognise these viruses and atone for them to our God. Only then, will we be better placed to reach out to others as we address the pandemic sweeping across the world.
The virus of death is not the last word for us but the Lifeline. God is waiting for us to come back. Let us experience the warmth of God’s forgiving love. True repentance is transformative. True repentance results in positive action. As we experience the grace of reconciliation, let us make forgiving love an attitude of life, a way of life.

Pause and Reflect

  • “Tragedy should be utilised as a source of strength, no matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster”. Dalai Lama
  • Identify the virus of death within you. What do you feel about it? Spend a few moments before the Crucified Lord and share with the Lifeline your struggles to be a reconciled person.
  • Identify the virus of death not only within you but also within your family, community, congregation, the church and religion. Today we are not only in need of personal conversion but also communal and institutional conversion.

Passages for Prayer and Reflection
Amos 2:6-8: Israel’s sins of injustice, lack of concern for the poor … etc.
Luke 15:11-32: Parable of the prodigal son
John 8:1-11: Neither do I condemn you.
Romans 7:14-20: Sin dwells within me.
Prayer: Almighty God, you have made us aware of our creaturehood, even as we recognize the individuality of humankind. Help us to own up our responsibility for the good of humankind, and for the earth. Strengthen our resolve to work to restore the right relationship between you and us; between us, as brothers and sisters, and with the rest of creation which you have gifted to us for the wellbeing of all.
Mantra: Lord, have mercy on me.

Fr Sunny Jacob SJ & Fr Keith Abranches SJ
Jor Bagh, New Delhi