Secretariat for Jesuit Social Action (JESA)
Jesuits in Social Action (JESA) South Asia Secretariat was formally initiated in 1973 to assist the Major Superiors to translate the faith – justice mandate of GC 32 into action in all the ministries and in particular in social action ministry of the Society of Jesus. The primary function of JESA is to encourage and elicit well-studied and analyzed responses and interventions from Jesuits and collaborates in favor of and with the marginalized groups and communities. It would further promote and coordinate ongoing action-reflections, interactions, research/study and actions leading to greater development and empowerment of the priority communities. It would also gather and disseminate information and knowledge through bulletins, workshops, seminars, training, and visits.

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Fr. Anthony Dias (BOM)
Secretary, SJES
Indian Social Institute Ph:(011) 49534162; Mob: 9969467926
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003
E-mail: /