Secretariat for Religious Studies (JERES)
The Secretariat for ‘Jesuits in Religious Studies’ (JERES), set up in 1985, aims at promoting reflection and research in religious studies as they seek to respond, in collaboration with others, to current and significant issues at the regional, national and international levels. It facilitates collaboration with other apostolates of the Society. It aims at helping the ongoing formation of those engaged in religious research and teaching. It offers a structure to help Superiors, when necessary, to deal with complaints and controversies regarding Jesuits engaged in religious studies. The secretary will also coordinate the work of the ‘Forum for South Asian Jesuit Theologians’ as convenor.

Pudota Rayappa John
Secretary, JERES, VidyajyotiJesuit Residence,
23 Raj NiwasMarg, Delhi-110054
Mob: 9717657604

South Asian Jesuit Theologians’ Forum
South Asian Jesuit Theologians’ Forum is a network of Jesuit theologians in South Asia interacting together on common themes of interest concerning our mission in South Asia and the world.
This Forum could meet either as a whole group or in smaller groups according to need. It will be coordinated by the Secretary of Jesuits in Religious Studies (JERES) with a core team. For the coming three years, we suggest this Forum focuses on the following themes: (1) Indian Christology, (2) Hindutva, and (3) Empowering the Subalterns. Over the next year, we could also support the ongoing process of the Synod on Family. The groups working on the themes could network through the internet, meet when necessary and organize a wider meeting also open to others when a particular theme is ready for exposition. This should lead to publication.

Indian Jesuit Theologians’ Forum could have a website where information on all the theologians will be available. The ongoing publications of theologians (articles/books/ papers presented in major conferences) could be uploaded once in three months. The website will provide a link to the blogs of the individual theologians of the Forum. It will be a platform for Jesuits to write in the secular press and media (social) responding to emerging issues and trends.