South Zone New Teachers’ Induction Workshop

New Teachers’ Induction Workshop for 37 teachers from the five southern provinces was held from 1-10 May 2024 at Kodaikanal. The twin aims of this workshop were to enhance participants’ communication competence in English and empower them with expertise and confidence to teach the English language skills to young learners and familiarize our new teachers on the life of St. Ignatius, our education legacy up to the latest Jesuit documents on education.

Prof. Charles Durai from Loyola College, Chennai conducted the English classes which covered the English pronunciation and conversational skills, speaking skills and strategies, writing skills, presentation skills and teaching of grammar and vocabulary. These sessions successfully equipped the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their English communication. They showed improved confidence in their English communication abilities, particularly in their spoken English.

Everyday thematic sessions were conducted on the following topics: Fr. Stephen, PCF of Madurai Province touched upon the journey of St. Ignatius, the Pilgrim, the Spiritual Exercises, and the journey of the Jesuits into the world to the different parts for various ministries. Fr. John Ravi, JCA Secretary, presented on the milestones of Jesuit education, 10 Global Identifiers and the profile of the Jesuit school student at graduation. Fr. John Kennedy, PCE of Madurai Province spoke on IPP, its relevance and strategies to implement it in our schools. Fr. Henry, Rector of St. Xavier’s institutions, Palayamkottai, dealt with the digital revolution, realizing the impact of multimedia, instructional strategies on curricular transaction and cybercrime and ways to safeguard ourselves and our students from this. Fr. Rohan, PCE of Karnataka Province brought out the focus areas of NEP – 2020. Fr. Thayrim, PDD of Madurai Province lead the teachers into an awareness on how to integrate ICT in the teaching-learning process. Fr. Cyril from Madurai Province spoke on the duty of protection of child rights in our schools.

Fr. S.M. John Kennedy, PCE of Madurai and Fr. Rohan Almeida, PCE of Karnataka took these initiatives in collaboration with the other PCEs of the South Zone.

Fr. S.M. John Kennedy SJ