If you want to change something, you need to change yourself first.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Central Zone Educator’s Meet was a four-day event organized in Bhopal from 6th Oct – 9th Oct 2019. The theme of the event was Be the Change to Make the Change. This event was organized by Central Zone Bureau Education (CZEB) and on the premises of Campion School, Bhopal.

The event started with a prayer followed by a keynote address by Fr. Joseph Marainus Kujur, SJ, Fr. Ranjit Tigga, SJ (Provincial MP), Fr. Sunny Jacob (Secretary JEA), Fr. George Pattery, SJ (POSA) on the respective days. Students of the school beautifully presented a variety of cultural performances and drama acts, which not only entertained and engaged the participants but also carried a message to the society. The entire life journey of Saint Ignatius and conveying his message of spiritual being was just the impeccable approach to head start.

The entire event was beautifully organised with enormous learning and life-changing lessons. Sessions included critical analysis, spiritual conversations, responses to Universal Apostolic Preference and the Constitution of India. On the first day, participants had an expectation to develop an understanding of how to bring change in the system, students and their respective communities. However, on the fourth day, they walked off the hall with a change within themselves.

Bhopal Meet

“I was thinking that this meet will also be like the usual get-together or meeting that we undergo occasionally, but after coming here and attending I was proven completely wrong. This meet was very lively and knowledge filled. I won’t hesitate to say that I have learned a lot of things; I can see a change in myself after all the sessions. Thank you so much!”

-Sr. Grace Matthew, FCC, Hazaribagh