CSR SUMMIT 2019 – An event to bridge the gap between NGO’s and Corporates

Event details

  • Name of event: CSR Summit 2019
  • Event date: 23rd and 24th September 2019
  • Organized by: NGOBOX & CSRBOX
  • Participants from ADO:
    1. Siji, SJ – Director, ADO
    2. Mr. Manoj Pradhan – Manager, Programme Partner Support
    3. Mr. Ajay Prakash – Manger, Monitoring & Evaluation
    4. Ms. Gunjan Kakkar – Asst. Officer, Communications


The CSR summit was organised by NGOBOX, an online development sector platform, providing information and partnership services in the social sector. The Summit brought together business leaders, board directors, CSR foundations, impact investors, philanthropists, innovators, government agencies, the UN bodies and non-profits leaders to explore synergies and co-create solutions.

Focus areas of the summit

1.     Scope for engaging businesses in development agenda 

  • Identification and deliberation of thematic interventions and modalities
  • Leveraging existing community institutions and social fabric
  • Different models of collaborations and engagement
  • A few successful interventions by companies and non-profits and scaling-up.

Summary of the event

The event perceived people with great understanding on the vital societal causes, hindering our community growth. These issues were reflected during various panel sessions, which took place in four different halls at the venue. Some of the discussions majorly reflected on mainstreaming the solution-oriented approach and actions. Hence leading to the impact which all the social enterprises are focusing on. The issues highlighted during these interactive sessions were education, skill development, renewable energies, environment, water, health care practices and many more.

However, the summit revolved around the Corporates-NGO’s partnerships to follow the approach, sessions, ted talks and master classes focused on strengthening the CSR proposals and engagements. Government bodies involvement were a next level interface, organizations like NITI AYOG, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Women and Child Development, were the active participants of the event.

The exhibitors during the summit, had a set virtuous standard of creativity to Inform, Educate and Communicate either with their publications or practical technologies with a determination to call for action. Some of the great exhibitors in technology segment were – BOSCH, CBM, GOODERA, BRITISH COUNCIL etc.

The CSR Summit awards- An initiative of CSR Box and Dalmia Bharat foundation focused towards identifying high impact CSR projects in 14 categories at pan-India level, were presented on 23rd September 2019. Many great CSR implementers and foundations were awarded for being wonderful performers in various thematic areas.

Taking forward the innovations and technology, Tech for Impact Asia emerged as one of major platforms at the summit brought together tech companies, innovators, social businesses, philanthropic organisations and non-profits from all over Asia. The two-day CSR event had various sessions providing tech solutions for future advancements.

Some of the organisations during the event wereHindustan Unilever Foundation, Kotak Mahindra Foundation, Tech Mahindra Foundation, Quest Alliance, Emami Group, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNDP, United Way, UNICEF, Godrej Industries Ltd., Kriloskar Systems Ltd. etc.

JCI, ADO understanding of the event

Thrust of JCI’s involvement in the areas of Supplementary Education, Skill Development and Ecology are the major interlinkages of the CSR projects in the current scenario. This event resulted towards the better clarification in terms of our current goals of JCI’s oriented towards the CSR side.

Apart from this, the participants from JCI segregated in four different areas during the event and strategized to interact with various Directors, Vice-presidents, Associates, Executives, Consultants of various corporates and foundations who have made their mark in the serving the communities.

During a session on India Water Forum, one of the panelists, Ms. Reshma Anand, CEO, Hindustan Unilever Foundation – empowering all the social enterprises by three words “WE FUND ACTION”. Indeed, her statement created an impact in the minds of every participant who are working towards the change.

The two-day event was summarized by a CSR discussion on mantras of Corporate-NGO partnerships, followed by networking lunch and gala dinner.

The Assistancy Development Office envisions the future success of the Jesuit Conference South Asia and Jesuit Conference of India in the CSR oriented projects with a revised approach for the desired Impact. We further aim to collaborate and engage with the corporates in respect to the CSR projects and partnerships.