Hazaribag Jesuits’ Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Scenario in Hazaribag Province

The current lockdown consequent upon COVID-19 pandemic spreading in India has been witnessing enormous number of migrant labor and households trapped away from their native places without food and essential daily needs items. With no money & livelihood in hand to pay for rent, groceries and daily essentials like milk , food and sanitary items, they do not have any option other than eagerly wait for relief materials from government, non-governmental organizations or other institutions and individuals. A large number of migrant labour is housed mostly in Hazaribag, Bokaro, Garhwa, Palamu, Latehar, Ramgarh in Jharkhand state. These people from districts of Jharkhand state are struggling to adjust to the daily challenges in this lockdown period.

The Jesuits of Hazaribag province have been involved to reaching out to the needy, poorest of the poor community, migrants, destitutes, slum dwellers, orphans, elderly people, widows and all those who are grappling with lack of sufficient food. The relief operation has been initiated in collaboration with Hazaribag Administration, Red Cross Society as well as Roti Bank & Murda Kalyan Samiti who are directly taking care of the victims. By networking with Roti Bank and Murda Kalyan Samiti, Jesuits of Hazaribag initiated and provided food to the pavement dwellers as well as destitutes and gypsies of the town which was one of the most felt needs.


Key Activity & Updates


  • Distributed dry ration kits to 100 families
  • Provided cash, rice, potatoes and vegetables, masks and sanitation things.
  • Community kitchen has been established and span style ="color:#bf2330"> 3500 were benefited people.
  • Government ration is distributed to the aided schools.
  • Milk is distributed to the needy people.
  • Almost 1850 students received food materials for two months


Patra Dalit Vikas center:

  • Wherever migrant workers could succeed in reaching their native homes, the villagers and neighbours developed anxiety and fear of getting infected with COVID-19 and they preferred to keep the migrants in isolation and separation. This situation required lot of sanitizers, soaps ,masks and awareness.
  • Patra Dalit Vikas Ccenter sisters and fathers distributed 2000 masks to the villagers through Self-Help Groups.
  • 4000 handmade masks distributed in Latehar, Hazaribag district.
  • Provided sanitizers to about 7000 persons in Chiro path covering 3 villages.


  • Medical aid provided to those in need.


  • 75 Volunteers, showed up as human resource and demonstrated their involvement & engagement for the poor.


  • One help desk was created for migrant workers.


Three vehicles in Hazaribag have been dedicated for the relief work and for providing aid to victims


  • Donated INR 150000 to PM CARES fund by Hazaribag province.
  • We are also depending on the local contribution from the alumni, students, staff and well-wishers.


To start skill development programs for the rural youth.



A new hope by an initiative by Catholic Ashram Bhurkunda and Nimala School Patratu, Ramgarh District

In collaboration with the district administration, Jesuits of Hazaribag Province initiated to accelerate mid-day meals service directly to the children’s home. It was one of the tough jobs reaching to every nook and corner of the locality and giving meals to the children but it was successfully accomplished.

Ramghar community kitchen run by the district police administration at Bhurkunda and Patratu invited Jesuits to provide food materials for the needy people. This initiative was carried forward to help them with a joyful heart. It was an great experience in helping the most needy and has shown the compassionate heart to the poor.